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About Judd Chiropractic in Long Beach

Our office has a warm and friendly atmosphere where the doctor-patient relationship is grounded in trust and experience.

The care is very gentle and virtually painless.

Full family care is encouraged and nourished.

The technology and techniques used in care are thorough and tempered for comfort and effectiveness.

The office has a long history of successes and recognition; nearly 36 years of experience with over 8,000 new patients cared for and nearly 400,000 successful patient encounters.

Affordable fee structures are developed with discount benefits for Prepay and Wellness Care.

“Although our track record for pain relief is substantial, our goal for our patients is for them to become responsible for their own contribution to life-long Health, Prevention, and Wellness. We teach, administer care, and provide the pathway for patient satisfaction and know-how. Our patients become their own healers by becoming good students of natural, holistic care, and becoming lifelong, Chiropractically empowered, human beings. We want our patients to realize that our healthcare system is an asset not a liability. Our patients are not victims of their condition but educated purveyors of their own recovery and Optimal Health”. ~Dr. Judd

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